Construct the Gorilla Hut

THese are the supplies you need for your DIY monkey hut




Build a something stronger than a monkey hut.

Build a Gorilla Hut!

This tough shade structure blocks the heat, endures the wind, and fits in a mid size car.

This monkey hut design is one of the strongest and most reliable I have seen. The Gorilla Hut shade structure cost around $500 in materials, covers over 200 SQ.ft, and breaks down into 5 foot sections. I have taken my Gorilla Hut to the playa three times now and I can say, this shelter will survive anything Burning Man can throw at you.

This is the outside of the monkey hut.
This is my monkey hut. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

1. It's time to get some materials.​

NOTE: These are the exact quantities necessary for this build.

If you are going to screw up, or want to make replacement parts, then buy a few extra.

Big box stores will have almost everything you need, but shopping around will keep costs low.

For some materials I provided links to recommended products.

You definitely want a 100% Sun Blocker Tarp and Schedule 40 PVC. It is worth the extra money.

Rebar should be sourced carefully, as the price difference between big box and local can exceed $100 dollars for the project.

I am not affiliated with any products.

Here are the materials you will need to buy:

(1) Drill (borrow if you don't own. product pictured is not a recommendation.)

(1) Measuring Tape

(1) 3lb Steel Mallet

(1) PVC cutter (spend the extra $14 or so for the right tool)

(20) 2' long, 1/2" diameter re-bar stakes (never hurts to have a few extra)

(10) 10', SCH40 1"  PVC (Thin pipe for creating ribs)

(1) 10', 1" PVC (for covering rebar)

(8) 10', SCH40 1-1/4" PVC (Fat pipe for creating spine)

(2) 1-1/2" PVC T fittings

(3) 1-1/2" PVC X fittings

(21) 2" Screw w. Nut (#8-32 x 2" ROUND head slotted zinc machine screws)

(21) Lock Washers (#10 zinc lock washers)

(4) 15ft Ratchet Straps w. 2 Hooks

(4) 10 ft Ratchet Straps w. 2 Hooks

(120ft) Rope (read section "Preparing the Tarp and Tie Downs" for more information)

(1) WD-40

(1) Roll of Gorilla Tape (or other thick construction tape)

(1) Roll of Reflective Tape

(1) 100% Sun Blocker Tarp - 20' x 24' (takes time to order)

(32) 6" ball bungees

(10) 9" ball bungees

(10) 12" ball bungees

(10) Heavy Duty Zip Ties

These are the materials for building a monkey hut.
Gorilla Hut Materials List

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