Build your portable desert shade stucture.

Don't Monkey around.
Build the strongest shade structure.

Whether you are traveling to burning man or exploring the desert someplace else, shade is a critical issue. Gorilla Hut provides a free, straight-forward guide to building your own shade structure. The advantage of building a Gorilla Hut are clear.

100% UV BLocking

In the heat of the desert, only 100% UV blocking shade will keep you cool. Protect yourself with pure shade!

Withstands Extreme WInd

Desert winds can reach extreme speeds. With the Gorilla Hut shade structure you don't have to worry!

Fits in a midsize car

Standard monkey hut designs require 10ft PVC sections. The Gorilla hut breaks down into 5ft sections!

Want to support future designs?

Pre-made gorilla Huts

limited number available

If you just want to buy a monkey hut before this years Burning Man, send me an email with the form below.
Gorilla Huts are too bulky to ship, so you we would have to meet in the SF Bay Area.

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OUR mission is to Create free shade structure designs

We want to provide you with high quality designs for building DIY portable desert shelters.

Our plan is to add video content and create additional guides for both larger and smaller huts.

Donations will go to keeping the website live, adding new content, and developing new guides.